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Wix is a website-building platform helping thousands of businesses launch their brands digitally. It facilitates the site-building process with built-in features and drag-and-drop functionality. Users can choose from 500 templates and many widgets to customize their online presence. It is an excellent opportunity to build a website without learning to code.

If you have already built your business website on Wix, the next step is to make people find you. Once it is live on the internet, you must use search engine optimization to get visitors. SEO is an essential part of a marketing strategy. Given that Google is home to billions of sites, you must optimize your brand to get maximum reach.

Congratulations on launching your brand’s Wix website. Now is the right time to work on a foolproof SEO strategy to get conversions. You can do it yourself or hire Wix SEO services for the best results. This blog will explore tried and tested practices to optimize your Wix website.     

1.  Use Wix SEO Checkup Checklist Tool

Use Wix SEO Checkup Checklist Tool

Also known as Wix SEO Wiz, it is a stepwise checklist that helps improve a website’s reach based on keywords, titles, and other business information. It lets you index your brand on Google by site verification. A user can build their SEO checklist on the SEO dashboard of their Wix website. Start by filling in your business data, such as its name and whether it has a physical location or serves online. You can add up to five locations for your physical stores and change them whenever needed. Adding keywords is also necessary.

Once your checklist is ready, follow the instructions to connect your site to Google. Your business must have a domain that can connect to Google through this tool.

2.  Add Long Tail Keywords

Keyword research is an important part of ranking a website. Sadly, users prioritize short and primary keywords that thousands of websites already use to rank on the web. Therefore, boosting your SEO requires more competitiveness. Use Long tail keywords that have low competition but high search volume.

For example, if you own a clothing brand, clothing stores or clothing brands may be your primary keyword that already has a lot of different brands ranking on it. Adding your location to this keyword, such as Clothing brands in NYC or Clothing stores near NYC, increases your chances of appearing in the local searches.

3.  Get a Personalized Domain

Get a Personalized Domain

You look more professional to your audience with a professional domain. A customized email address and a domain name can gain a customer’s trust. It is also an SEO best practice, and Wix supports it by allotting a free domain name for your website. However, more than a free domain name is required to compete with rivals. You have to take care of three things to stay ahead.

  1. Keep the domain name short and catchy so visitors can easily remember and type it.
  2. A domain name should explain “what your business is about” to the user.
  3. Lastly, include your relevant keyword in your domain. However, if it’s not possible, don’t worry. Just focus on the first two guidelines.

4.  Make Your Titles and Description Unique

Make Your Titles and Description Unique

Title tags are HTML-embedded and used as snippets for your site’s content. Although they are not a part of the content, they are displayed on the SERPs for relevant queries. Therefore, it is necessary to make unique titles that match the search intent of your target audience. Keep a title within the 60-character limit since Google trims them to fit devices with various screen sizes. You can also use pipe symbols to separate words in your title. For example, you can use the following format to support overall and local SEO: Primary Keyword | location | brand. Adding keywords and brand names is enough if your business needs a physical location.

Meta descriptions, on the other hand, must be 60 to 150 characters long to fit both the desktop and mobile screen when displayed on the SERPs. Add your main keyword, an attractive call to action, and a precise two-line summary that convinces the reader to click through. However, this could be easier with Wix since you can automate your metadata and titles on page levels with this platform.

5.   Build a Sitemap

Build a Sitemap

It refers to the organized mapping of a website. Like a normal map people use to travel to a city, a sitemap helps Google index the website. It shows how different web pages on a site are connected. Initially, sitemaps were geared toward user experience. However, Google now uses it to find data quickly and efficiently. It includes identifying URLs and information below every section.

Although it is a technical process, Wix SEO has made it easier for its premium users. They can submit their sitemap to Google by connecting their domain to another tool, “Google search console integration,” with just one click.

6.  Good Site Structure

Good Site Structure

Although this step is often overlooked in SEO, it is a great way to build a hierarchy on search engines. It helps Google understand what is useful and what isn’t on a site. Luckily, Wix automatically solves this by providing templates with optimal site structure. From the menu to navigation, Wix formats everything exactly how search engines want a site structured.

Consistency Is the Key to Optimizing Your Wix Website

SEO is a time taking process. You cannot find results overnight. It requires consistency with your efforts. Wix has made many technical operations easier. Now businesses only have to monitor their site performance and make alterations accordingly. Many business owners hire Wix SEO service providers to look after their brand and help it rank on Google, Bing, and other search engines. Do you want your Wix-built site to have perfect SEO? Lincoln SEO offers professional Wix SEO services. Contact us today.

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