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Weebly is the easiest way to build a website online. Around 50 million Weebly-made websites are active online. It is an online website-building platform founded in 2007 that strips away the need for manual coding for web design. Unlike using HTML, JavaScript, and other coding languages, Weebly provides drag-and-drop functionality with several templates, widgets, and themes that you can use to build a responsive website without any technical expertise.

Once you have a website with some beautiful content, all you need is for it to rank on search engines. Weebly sites are SEO friendly, given that you follow standard practices such as keyword optimization, link building, and creative content writing.

This blog is a complete guide to elevating your site’s visibility using Weebly’s SEO settings.

Blurb Titles and Descriptions On Your Page

Blurb Titles and Descriptions On Your Page

Update your page titles, and add attractive descriptions and content to get traction. The title text appears in the search bar above the webpage when your website is visited. It also works as a page label in Google’s SERPs.

Titles and descriptions are an essential part of SEO since it helps Google understand what your webpage is about. However, when a user duplicates this information, it dilutes your optimization efforts and reduces your chances of appearing on the SERPs. The search engine gets confused between two pages having the same title and pushes them down to select another site page to rank in the results. You can update them by clicking on each page and navigating to the SEO settings tab within the Weebly backend. You will find built-in SEO settings there.

For instance, if you write about the best plumbing service in your area, you can put your keyword and location, like “Best Plumbing Services in Downtown Chicago,” as the title. Page titles should be descriptive and of medium length. Here are some tips for writing the best titles for your Weebly website.

  • Set a limit of 60 characters to write a page title.
  • Include a primary keyword in the title for which the webpage has to rank.
  • To avoid overlapping titles, make a checklist of content topics and primary keywords for each page and then use a keyword-service-brand name template to write a unique title for every webpage.

Page descriptions appear under the blue title tag on the search result page of a web browser. It is the hook to compel the reader to click the tag to visit the page. Although meta descriptions don’t have an SEO value traditionally, they can be a great resource to bring traffic to your business. However, repetitive and duplicated descriptions will not be able to gain a reader’s trust. Leaving it blank can be an option since it will allow Google to pick the most relevant part of your content and put it as a snippet under your title tag on the result page. It can be challenging to generate a unique description for every page. Focus on the following three things.

  • Set a limit of 150-160 characters per description.
  • Add a hook or call to action in the 2-line summary of your topic.
  • Use primary or target keywords.

The URL Structure of Your Website

The URL Structure of Your Website

URL structure is an integral part of a positive user experience. A logical URL structure having page hierarchies and organized intuitive content can make navigation easy for users. A professional URL helps people find the site. Search engine-optimized URLs are readable, understandable, and contain relevant keywords.

Google analyzes URLs to understand the page content. When placing your web page on the first page of your search results, Google will consider your URL structure and site map as ranking factors. Avoid using numbers and dates in your URLs to make them easy to remember. Also, avoid keyword stuffing to make it SEO-friendly.

Weebly has recently introduced an updated URL structure for its blogging website with the format:

Site name/ Blog title/ Blogpost name. You can customize the URLs for your e-commerce Weebly website following a different approach.

  1. Once logged into your Weebly backend menu, go to the pages on the top menu.
  2. Go to its SEO settings after finding the page you were looking for. You will find the page URL under the page permalink.
  3. Feel free to type in a new URL if it still needs to be filled.

After updating your URL to Google Search Console, you must resubmit your sitemap. If you enable direct access of Google to your sitemap and any new URLs added to your site, they will use that data and prioritize displaying your page across search engines.

Custom Tags for Header and Footer

After optimizing your website’s other elements, your last step is to add a customized tag on the header and footer of your webpage. From integrated analytics to structured information, custom tags are an important way to add functionality to your website. These custom tags can add functionality to your site depending on its level of customization. You can change their font color thickness, bottom margin, and alignment.

Custom tags in SEO are important because they communicate with the search engines what those pages on your site are about. This increases their visibility on search engines, reaching more people. You can use Google Tag Manager to add multiple tags to your web page.

Data Structure on Weebly

Data Structure on Weebly

A data structure is a standardized format for presenting information on a webpage. It helps classify the page content into different information sections, such as a recipe divided into ingredients, preparation, and cooking methods. Adding structured data to your Weebly website can give rich results. It helps Google better understand the content on your website.


Backlinking is a crucial factor for building authority for all types of websites. Although it is gradual, you can start by building a Google business profile for your local business. If you have another type of website with no physical service area or address, sign up for other directories that offer backlinks.

Hire Weebly SEO Services to Optimize Your Business

Hire Weebly SEO Services to Optimize Your Business

As a website builder, Weebly has everything a business owner needs to launch their brand online. From hosting, domain, website building tools, and domain registration to templates, support, and SSL certifications, Weebly gives you everything. However, it will only come into effect if your site has strong SEO. Experienced Weebly SEO service providers like Lincoln SEO can help you gain traction and create conversions from your potential buyers. Contact Lincoln SEO Services today.

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